8 Great (But Weird) Ways to Fix Scratches on Your Car

It’s a reality that scratches and dents are unavoidable!! You get a few light ones here and there, no matter how hard you try not to get them on your beloved automobile. It may be the small boy who accidentally slammed his bicycle into your automobile or another car that slammed into you from behind at a red light. You no longer need to take your automobile to the mechanic for every little blemish. A cluster of these scrapes in one spot does not look good on your fantastic automobile. What’s more, keeping these scrapes untreated might cause them to corrode. We give several clever techniques in this blog that might help you repair them, if not fully eliminate them.

Duct Tape

Duct tape, to be precise. It’s a highly adaptable and handy device for various home purposes. It may answer some of your strangest everyday difficulties if applied correctly. When it comes to automobile scrapes, it’s the same story. However, if the scratch is very long, it may not be as effective. It’s good for scratches that aren’t too deep and too long.

All you need is the duct tape that matches the colour of your car’s Paint. This shouldn’t be an issue since duct tape now comes in various colours. If you don’t obtain a perfect match, you’ll have to make sure you pick a shade that’s quite near. Because a different shade may be seen, particularly in light, the same hue with great contrast in the shade might undermine the whole utility of this helpful item.

The next step is to apply duct tape on the scrape as evenly as possible. Avoid wrinkles and other air-filled lines as much as possible. Try to execute it as smoothly as possible with light hands. Duct tape can suffice for a while until your paint job is planned.


That is, without a doubt, one of the most prevalent pieces of Internet advice. But, guess what? It’s effective…

When it comes to scratch removal on goods like DVDs, CDs, and the screens of tablets, phones, and computers, toothpaste, like Duct Tape, is a very handy and helpful home staple. Its abrasive characteristics are what makes it so magical. The abrasive property aids in the smoothing out of the surface, lowering the visibility of the scratch.

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However, it will not be smoothed out if the scratch is deep. However, it will undoubtedly assist in making it less obvious. However, it should work nicely on minor scratches. On the other hand, Silicone toothpaste performs a superior job because of its inherent polishing ability. For the greatest results, choose toothpaste with whitening characteristics.

Shoe Polish

Like toothpaste and duct tape, shoe polish may come in handy, at least when it comes to automobile damage. However, this item will only work on automobiles with deeper paint colours.

Lighter hues, such as cream and tan, are accessible in the market from select companies. Simply choose a colour that complements the colour of your automobile. The next step is to have your automobile washed. Apply some shoe polish to the scrape now, and you’ll be pleased to see it fade.

Nail Polish

Other than shoe polish, a polish may be used to repair minor to moderate scratches on your automobile. It’s nail polish, sometimes referred to as nail paint. This one is particularly cool since it comes in a variety of colours. You may even be able to select a hue that matches the colour of your automobile. It’s also reasonably priced, and you may not even need to purchase one if you can discover a similar one in a female relative’s vanity drawer. It also comes with an application brush to help you cover the damage as precisely as possible. However, there is one item that must be addressed. After curing, many nail paints take on a whole other colour. As a result, you’ll need to do a brief test before applying it to the vehicle.

Spray Paint

Spray paint is available, particularly for automobiles. It may be used instead of touch paint and comes in a spray can, making it very simple to apply. These are also available in various colours and at a reasonable price. Use only as much as you need, and save the remainder later.

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When your automobile has several scratches and a wide area that has to be covered, spray paint is a fantastic option. However, be sure that the hue matches precisely or very nearly.

This hack, however, will need some preparation. You’ll also need to properly clean the surface before sanding it with fine sandpaper. The scarred area may then be spray painted. Then you’ll need to apply a clear coat and wax to give it a professional finish.

Paint for Touch-ups

You may use touch-up paint designed specifically for car scratches, much as car-colour spray paint. The nicest feature about these touch-up paints is that they come with a colour chart, making it simple to select your matching colour. There is, however, a key to this. To determine the exact matching colour, you’ll need to input your car’s VIN.

The VIN of your automobile may usually be found in the lower-left area of the dashboard, just in front of the steering wheel. Next, inform your dealer of your vehicle’s VIN, and they should be able to assist you in locating an exact-match touch-up paint. Otherwise, the ultimate results would be unsatisfactory. Always use the touch-up Paint advised by your dealer.

The fact that these touch-up paints come with a pen-applicator is the finest aspect—this aids in the more precise and accurate coverage of the scratch.

After obtaining your touch-up Paint, you’ll need to prepare it the same way you would when using car-colour spray paint. You’ll need to clean the scratch first, then sand it smooth using fine sandpaper. After that, apply the touch-up paint and wait for it to dry. After that, apply an automotive clear coat and give it a good waxing.

A high-quality touch-up paint kit

This is the most efficient approach to hiding your car’s scratches. This is because it’s the same scratch-removal method utilized by repair businesses and specialists. Consequently, investing in a piece of high-quality equipment will secure the greatest results. It will, however, take some time and work.

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This is because a touch-up kit requires the application of many coats of paint and other components such as automotive clear-coat, primers, etc. Regardless, the end effect is well worth the effort. To assist you with the procedure, you may look for some extensive videos on YouTube.

Work of art

Why not attempt some artwork if you’re looking for a unique method to repair your messed-up car? Yes, artwork enhances the appearance of your vehicle, but it also serves as an excellent means of concealing scratches (if not removing them). It’s also really simple and inexpensive to do, and you have a variety of possibilities.

To properly disguise scratches, you might use colourful decals, trims, or stickers stacked over them. You may also have latticework installed on your automobile so that the lines hide the scratches. However, the effectiveness of this technique is contingent on your originality and imagination. In addition, the placement of the lines is critical in masking the scratches.

You may also use these artworks to show your style, whether funky or traditional.


There you have it: 8 easy yet interesting scratch-fixing hacks. The majority of these hacks will only work on mild to moderate scratches in severity. These hacks aren’t meant to be long-term fixes for scratches. However, they may assist you in concealing those scratches until your paintwork is planned. The idea is that you can use these hacks as a temporary fix to hide the scratches, so you don’t seem like a jerk on the road. That is, after all, what hackers are for. Hacks provide temporary gratification, but they are not long-term answers.

If you want to eliminate the scratches, you’ll need a professional paint job or a scratch removal method.
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